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About Us

Good inside started as an idea which bounced around between my wife and I for years having changed (thanks to my mum) to a low carb/high good fat diet. We wanted to show people that the most nutritious food is also the most enjoyable. We wanted a place where people can eat anything off the menu without doing harm. Food that bears a resemblance to what we evolved eating.

I particularly have always wanted to share with anyone that will listen the potential and enjoyment to be had with real food. How living a little more like our ancestors in general allows you to stay
strong, happy and relevant. Getting outside, talking face to face, getting cold, hot, moving a bit, being nice to each other.

Real food is recognisable, fresh and completely natural. It looks after you. Animals, including us, eating their correct diet stay naturally lean and healthy; only animals who eat our faux food seem to suffer.

Good Inside is nothing new, it’s going back to our roots and feeling better for it. In the last 120 years or so our food has changed beyond recognition and now around 60% of what we eat is highly processed rubbish, giving us nothing in the way of nutrition but a lot of chronic disease down the line. Big companies favour this as it’s cheap and addictive but the effects can be seen all around us. Before the advent of refined seed oils around 120 years ago diabetes, heart disease and cancer each accounted for about one to two percent of deaths, now it’s around thirty each.

The combination of refined carbohydrates and seed oils would seem to be lethal.
Obviously all this is up for debate and the picture will become clearer as research is done, what we think now may not be completely right. That being said I think that meat, fish and vegetables are pretty likely to remain good for us.

How humans fit into a sustainable world is just as important, we simply have to work with nature in order to prosper. If we don’t nature will survive but we may not. We want to support the right kind of animal husbandry that protects the soil, bio diversity, captures carbon and gives the animals the best life possible. In the UK this is not actually so difficult as many farmers do this naturally but that’s not the case the world over. In our own small way we want Good Inside to be part of the solution.

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